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Connect, chat, do business, get trained, share ideas and do much more. Welcome to The BONG KLUB!

Why The Bong KLUB?

Get connected to the several thousands of Bengalis worldwide, directly or indirectly. Find out mutual interests.


Build Relationship

With the advent of Social Media, everything is possible. Leverage The Bong KLUB to build stronger relationships

Do Business

You do business with people whom you like and trust. Leverage your relationship, build partnerships and do business.

Our Vision

To be the largest online community dedicated to Bengalis, worldwide.

Powered by The KLUB Network

The KLUB Network is a knowledge based online network to connect like-minded people across various cultures and help them build relationship, do business, get trained and accomplish their dreams.

The "K" in KLUB stands for Knowledge.

How Can I Benefit from The Bong KLUB?

With The Bong KLUB, You Can

  • Connect with Bengalis - by Location
  • Introduce Your Products to Bengalis & Seek Inputs
  • Do a Quick Poll about Your Ideas & Get Feedback
  • Share Your Business Ideas & Get Service Providers
  • Build Potential Strategic Partnerships
  • Create & Share Your Online Events to a Captive Audience
  • Discuss on Topics That Are of Interest to Everyone

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